Our Mission

Empowering women to express themselves boldly and confidently.We believe that each woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, and unique.

Latest Trends

Having in house designers that follows global fashion trends closely, we will always be able to bring you the latest and the best looking press-on nails.


We care about the environment and that is why not only are our materials eco-friendly, our press-on nails are also re-usable in order to leave minial impact on the environment.


We understand and support every single one of our customers and our potential customers. Ultimately, we want to empower all women to give you the beautiful look you deserve.

Our Practices

At NailsForReal, we are not just about nails but also about making a positive impact. We are committed to using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to minimize our environmental footprint. Our nails are designed to be reusable, providing an efficient and sustainable solution to nail care needs. This practice forms an essential part of our brand's identity and operations.

Our Story

At NailsForReal, we stand for the empowered woman. We stand for sustainability, style, and self-expression. And we're thrilled to welcome you into our ever-growing family. Thank you for choosing us, for joining this journey of fashion and empowerment.

At NailsForReal, we're not just about trends - we're about revolutionizing the world of nail fashion. Our journey began with the belief that every woman deserves the perfect blend of style, convenience, and individuality. Born out of a desire to support the lifestyle of the modern, independent woman, our brand blazes a new trail in the realm of nail fashion.

We understand that today's woman doesn't just follow trends; she sets them. She's fearless, confident, and ready to express her style in every way - and we're here to help her do that. Our team of expert designers from Paris and Tokyo work passionately to create the most fashionable and innovative press-on nails, bringing the latest runway styles right to your fingertips.

We've turned traditional nail care on its head by offering a quality, eco-friendly, and hassle-free alternative to traditional nail salons. Our reusable press-on nails are not just a sustainable choice, they're a bold statement of style and practicality.

Self Expression

At the heart of NailsForReal are core values that resonate with every modern woman. We celebrate individuality, encourage self-expression, and uphold the strength of the empowered woman. Our community is an inclusive space where style diversity thrives and personal style is respected.


We stand for sustainability, providing reusable press-on nails that not only make a bold style statement but also promote eco-conscious choices. Through our designs, we aspire to build a community that shares our vision of sustainable beauty while feeling confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Our Team